Schaffner Funeral Home Inc.

Joseph Schaffner, Funeral Director

554 South Main Street, Bolivar, NY 14715

Social Security Information   (877) 319-5773   

Social Security website

The Schaffner Funeral Home will officially notify the Social Security Administration by filing a "Statement of Death" form with the local Social Security office. Some of the deceased's family members may be able to receive Social Security benefits if the deceased person worked long enough under Social Security to qualify for benefits.

Veteran's Benefits    (800) 827-1000   

Veterans Administration website

The Schaffner Funeral Home will file forms for the following:

  • Veteran Death Benefit
  • Military grave marker
  • Application for flag for funeral service
  • Widow's monthly benefit, if they meet the qualifications
  • Military Forces Honor Guard for graveside honors

Allegany County Social Services    (585) 268-9622

Allegany County will pay for Direct Cremation for qualifying residents. Authorization must be obtained by the funeral home prior to cremation.

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